3.0 sailboat

Using the “Smart boat” interface the device manages and controls the whole installation. Its unique intuitive, multilingual and multi function interface is natively integrated to the best sailing displays brand (B&G, Raymarin, ...)

4G or satellite connection allows worldwide connectivity to the sailboat !

Reliability, security

Products designed according to the marine environment security standards, regulation and user constraints.

Customer oriented

High end, reliable, innovative, user friendly electricity and automation full management system...

Fully customizable

The interface is 100% responsive and fully customizable to your colors. For a neat integration to your sailboat style.


Geolocation interface allows sailboat tracking and remote control as if you were on board !

Multiple connectivity

Wi-Fi, bluetooth, CAN, NMEA 2000, Zigbee, LTE 4G, ...makers open protocols full compatibility.

Automatic update

New features update are downloadable directly through the interface (no hardware manipulation).

Automation solution for sailboat…

WEB server and communication
Dispatch and control

60 days free trial!

For our professional customer we offer a 60 days free trial!

Technical support 7/7-24.

We are available anytime for our customers (dedicated phone number).

3 years warranty - Express

Product replacement with shipping before return.


The “smart boat” interface handles the primary functions and the parameters monitoring. A full stack of features in your hand, giving you in any circumstances the complete management of your consumers, charger, generator, watermaker, heater...

Supervision of parameters and functions automation relieve skipper offering a real navigation comfort and also at stop-over and wintering with remote control and reporting.

Lights management

Automation of lights switching on and off. Guarantee security, comfort and energy saving. Based on sunrise and sunset time as well as the boat operation mode

Shock sensor

Equipped with a gyroscopic sensor the device provides warning in case of collision. If you are not on board (rental, loan) the system will detect a too violent gybe or bottom contact and will inform you by e-mail with the geolocation of the sailboat. Also useful in harbor in case of collision or loose mooring.


Analysis, statistics, diagnostics, ensure continuous tracking of equipment and maintenance actions to undertake. Reports and analysis tables created specifically for your fleet for understanding ships usage. Be proactive by offering suitable technological solutions.

Wireless connection

Reduce and simplify the wiring setting up wireless switches and sensors. WiFI and Zigbee standards integration covering a large range of devices. Unlimited number of sensors (break-in, smoke, water, temperature, pressure, humidity, opening, switch, pushbutton,...)

Battery controller

Integration of communicating battery sensors for AGM batteries, ensuring precise measurement of voltage, current, and temperature of battery lot. Lithium battery controller available.

Undervoltage load shedding

Preventive automatic shedding on presetted consumers by programmable threshold. critical issues can be anticipated even while absent.


Automation of foghorn signal generator in function of sailboat operation mode. Automatise la génération des signaux de corne de brume en fonction du mode de marche du voilier. Skipper freed for more primary tasks.

Lights extinguisher

Switch off lights during daytime to save power and prevent overheat of turned on lights. Operation time slot and duration before shutdown are configurable.

Anchorage alarm

Adjustable from 5 to 500 meter the alarm is reported by email so that the skipper is alerted in case of absence (inside 4G coverage area).

Area alarm

If you are not on board (rental, loan) the system will inform you about the intrusion of the sailboat inside an alarm area. Preset as much as needed alarm area. Please notice that this alarm is not a navigational aid.

Presence detection

Inform in case of break in the sailboat. Possibility to remotely switch it off to allow maintenance on board. The alarm can be at your choice: silent (email sending), dissuasive (cockpit lights on, flash light, siren. All configurations are possible.

Ocean hour

Adjust on board hour with current location longitude, to keep the rhythm of life where shifts take into account jet lag and are based on the sun. Adds 1 hour every 15° of west longitude.

Tanks level

Reading of tanks sensors of different kind (ohms, voltage) wire connected or wireless (bluetooth, wifi, zigbee). The system provides sensors cyclic power supply to ensure significant power saving. High and low threshold with alarm integrated.

Leaks testing

Support for preservation of hulls made of conductive materials (steel, aluminium, carbon) by informing about short circuit insulation failure and easing detection of insidious leaks by automated control giving defecting circuit, value and polarity.


Our geolocation interface enables position tracking of sailboats and take complete remote control on electrical system and automation as you were on board! This features secure boater serenity able to remotely manage the sailboat or for renter for fleet supervision (10 miles offshores GSM or satellite subscription for oceans full coverage. The ultimate protection against theft.

Shipping weather station

High precision (± 0.2hPa) shipping weather station with trend indicator. Reduced pressure at sea level with offset settings. Pressures chart with 72 hours history and zoom (one point every 10 mn) for situation analysis. Inside and outside temperature and hygrometry with alarm report with adjustable threshold.

Strong wind alarm

Depression or high pressure ridge forecast triggered at fall or rise of pressure (adjustable from 0 to 3 hPa on a 1 to 3 hours time span).

Accessories driving

Driving and control of chargers, power generator, watermaker of our partners Dolphin, Cristec, Victron, Aqua-base, Schenker, HP, Fischer panda, Vêtus, Nanni, ...

A team, an ambition

Developing an integrated system integrating and managing the whole parameters of the sailboat ensures a design that responds to security requirements and use in marine environment.

Jean-Claude LUBINO

Business manager

Engineer, merchant navy.

Thibaud TREVE

Chief executive engineer

Engineer, embedded technologies.

Guillaume REVILLOD

Process manager

Physics PhD.