embedded solution

Energy distribution box and inputs / outputs for probes and sensors, operating at 12 or 24 volts.

  • 24 power outputs to connect all consumers in bipolar mode.
  • 8 analog or digital inputs for probes or contacts.
  • 3 voltmeter inputs allowing battery monitoring.
  • 1 link to the hull for monitoring leaks in the electrical circuit.
  • 1 LIN connection (CI-BUS) for IBS sensors (HELLA) and device control.

24 power outputs for bipolar connection all consumers, the outputs are adjustable from 1A to 16A (minus and plus cutoff) and dimmable up to 4A. Protect by thermal disjunction and logging by software. The reset of a broken circuit is carried out by acknowledgment.

8 analog or digital inputs for probes or contacts allowing, for example, the connection of tank and float probes for the automation of bilge pump triggering.

3 voltmeter inputs for monitoring auxiliary batteries, windlass, engine and service .

1 connection to the hull for monitoring any leaks in the electrical circuit .

1 LIN connection for IBS (HELLA) sensors thus integrating a complete battery controller (SOC, SOH, SOE, Temperature, Voltage, Amperage)

Integration of several powerail according to the number of outputs to be controlled . (usually 24 outings covers the need for sailboats up to 40 feet)

All connections are made through a merchant marine approved forced insertion socket, thus guaranteeing a perfect connection in all circumstances. The connections can be adapted according to the specifications of the site.

Output 24 Outputs (Positive and negative),
Configurable 1-16A,
Current sensor,
Overrange current protection,
Thermal protection,
Dimmable light
Input 8 Inputs analog or digital,
Sensitivity 100mV,
Direct pump switch control,
Pull up,
Analog 0-30V for tank sensor,
Timed and damped,
Dedicated power supply for sensor
Voltmeter 3 voltmeters,
Input -30V to +30V,
Auxiliary battery monitoring
Circuit isolation (hull) Positive and negative monitor,
-16mA to +16mA,
Automatic diagnostic,
Aluminum and carbon hull
Power 100 A max (1200 W)
Suply DC 10V to 30V,
Connector bolt M8 stainless steel,
internally protected MegaFuse 100A,
Consumption 40mA
Communication CAN J1939 (Charger, Battery Lithium, ...)LIN (BMS, Sensors, Heating, ...),
Bluetooth communication backup
Environment Nominal -41°F + 113°F,
Dimension 300 mm x 140 mm x 50 mm
Weight 3.9 livre
Configuration Downloaded by powerbox