embedded solution

WEB server with customizable, multilingual and multifunctional interface. The virtual switches have a dimmer function for the lights and have real-time feedback of the status of the powerail outputs.
Native integration of B&G, Raymarin, ... navigation screens for simple and centralized control. (can be optionally equipped with a touch screen).
Geolocation of the sailboat by internet (in the 4G coverage area) ensures peace of mind for rental companies or boaters in monitoring the sailboat or fleet.
Integration of wireless communication for switches and probes (reduction of significant wiring).
Weather station, equipped with pressure, temperature and humidity sensors with strong wind and historical alarm.
Dashboard with visualization of available resources.
Monitoring of battery parks either by voltmeter or by BMS with the integration of Hella IBS sensors (integrating SOC, SOH, SOE, temperature, voltage and amperage).
Wifi point and 4G modem allow any mobile device such as PC, tablet, smartphone to connect to the system. at any point of the sailboat or at a distance.

Specification Interface WEB server,
System supervision automatism,
Event logger,
Event remote notification,
On board time management,
Buzzer and LED alert,
Tanks level,
Batteries voltage,
Weather station,
Hull insulation,
GNSS position,
System state overview,
Alarm, event and data timeline,
WiFi communication and server,
Powerail tunable outputs,
Dimmable lights,
Output state real time overview
Communication WIFI 802.11n,
Bluetooth 4.0,
CAN J1939,
NMEA 2000,
Suply Power supply by bus powerNet
Environment Nominal -5° + 40°C,
Update Online update
Dimension 150 x 100 x 60 mm